Danny Rampling is one of the most influential figures in the nightclubbing scene. During a break on the Greek island of Ibiza in 1987, Rampling, along with DJs Paul Oakenfold and Nicky Holloway, went to the club Amnesia, an open-air nightclub in the town of San Rafael. At the club the band were introduced to the distinct eclectic style of DJ Alfredo. He played among other genres, the original house music that had been brought here from the USA. The group also found the music's strong combination with ecstasy or MDMA that slowed down inhibitions and made a sense of unity with the dance floor.

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Then place that on a sound stage platform and you can have a phase four table. By this time you'll be totally shell-shocked by the huge improvements to how your system performs. But with a high-quality system there will still be more chance to exploit. How? By including further stages to the support system. Just how far you can go before the upgrades stop coming and he'll just enquire about how high your ceiling is!

The multi-level instillation depicted on this site belongs to one of our customers, reviewer, Michael Shepherd. At the moment his system uses Phase 7 supports beneath the turntable and CD machine, a hybrid four-tier stand under the pre-amplifier and a six-tier amplifier stand on five Sound Stages supporting his power amplifiers, supplies and crossover. His speakers stand on three sound bases. It's a great array but still tells people that work is still progress. Even in a system such as this there is still room for improvement without compromising the system's functionality. As we say to owners of similar systems, when you no longer have fingers to count the support levels on you just replace the reference tables with sound stages to maintain the highest components at a reasonable height. Only the system's performance reaches the ceiling!

Before we talk about the stands in detail we'd like to reassure home cinema fans that supports aren't just for people who are into sound. Putting a laser disc player or VCR on one of our stands will make its picture and audio quality much better. As we said before, we support, not discriminate: if it's electronic or electro-mechanical, it'll work much better on a table.

Dance music pioneer

The term "pioneer' is often used without proper justification, but in the instance of Danny Rampling it is certainly much earned. In the late 1980s Danny successfully worked with House and Techno that was so popular in the US. He mixed it with the Balearic sound discovered in Ibiza after returning motivated from a lads’ holiday. A nightclub revolution was born and the topography of the UK rave scene would not the same again. It could be said that Rampling was in fact one of the primary contributors who created "Rave Culture" in Great Britain in the late 80s and 90s, organising parties which have now become the stuff of myth.

Love Groove Dance Party

DJ Rampling played for the first pirate KISS FM with the Saturday night slot running 7-9 pm in the early nineties. He set up many a person up for a great evening on the town with the "Love Groove Dance Party". Like many others, including Judge Jules, he was poached from this station to appear on BBC Radio 1.

In subsequent years, Rampling pursued his career in music as a DJ and music producer, remixing several UK and international acts while creating a band. In the mid 1990s he joined the BBC until March 2002, making his set the second longest-running dance music set on radio with the exception of Pete Tong's much-loved "Essential Selection".

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